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"Girl Gets Wings" Soul Camp

"Girl Gets Wings" Soul Restoration Retreat is an extraordinary all-inclusive life changing experience of soul restoring fun and big beautiful soul sister love. You get to experience the famous Brave Girls Club Soul Restoration curriculum in a safe loving circle of sisterhood; all designed for you to CLAIM YOUR WINGS and FLY into the rest of your life. 

Oh sister we cannot tell you how special this experience is...it combines the power of the Brave Girl’s soul restoring curriculum, fun creative art & play, meaningful red-carpet sisterhood, campfire, music, delicious food, BIG BIG LOVE, special surprises, and oh so much more!! We will take care of you with absolute loving kindness, so all you have to do is show-up for yourself.

  • Want to live deeper, truer, braver, and more authentically… come.

  • Feeling weary or lost and need a place to stop and figure things our for yourself…come.

  • Tired of hustling for your worth in this world and need to find a way back to authentic joy…come.

  • Need to let go of old lies, limiting beliefs, and things that are holding you back from living fully…come.

  • Tired of feeling like no matter how much you do, give, or accomplish it's still not enough; you're not enough ...come

  • Crave authentic meaningful connection with a sisterhood of women on the same wild and crazy journey...come

  • Need a safe loving place to explore, create, heal, and grow...come

  • Need a vacation from life and need to reignite your soul…come

  • Simply want more love, laughter, and fun in your life…come.

If you need to restore, rediscover, or just refresh….We hope you will gather with us to make lasting friendships, CLAIM YOUR WINGS and fall in love with your beautiful soul. It’s going to be incredible…and we have a spot prepared just for you!

Upcoming Soul Chicks Camps

"Girl Gets Wings" Retreat

Dates for 2023 TBA

5 day retreat

(Includes 4 nights accommodations at a luxury chalet, delicious freshly prepared meals,  beautiful curriculum,  access to tons of fun art supplies, as well as many other loving touches and special surprises.

Into the woods we go….Nestled into to majestic Sierra Mountains near the fabled Lake Tahoe is a gorgeous luxury chalet where we will gather to rest, rediscover, and restore our beautiful authentic selves. Be prepared to be pampered and cared for as you are welcomed with absolute loving kindness. Join us around the red carpet to learn beautiful truths your soul is craving, play with abandon in the art room, share delicious joyous meals with your new found friends at beautifully set candle lite tables. Take a hike among the pines. Gather with your sisters around the camp fire under the magnificent starry sky...laugh until your snort, love until your heart breaks open, and play with joyous abandon. Oh dear sisters – come, let us love you and lift you as you restore and reconnect with your beautiful self. Soul Chicks Camp is an experience like no other….and you are so worth it!!

We have a spot just for you….

5 day/4 night all-inclusive retreat -payment plans are available upon request. 


For additional information contact Sandra@soulchicks.com

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"Girl Gets Wings” Soul Camp  

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- Testimonials -

What other Soul Chicks are saying...

"Soul Restoration at Soul Chicks camp was a life changing get away for 100% focus on ME!  It was one of the best things I have done for myself...I’m inspired and energized to take my life in the direction I want to, not what other people think I should do"  -Sheryl

"I felt a huge shift towards healing, inner peace, and understanding.  Gives me goosebumps just thinking about what an impact the experience has had on me" -Sheriene

"I will admit to being very skeptical about what Soul Restoration had to offer me.  I showed up at Soul Chicks Camp feeling like I was drowning in loss and so very soul-sick.  After going through the steps of Soul Restoration with the support of Sandi and my Soul Chicks Sisters, the truth and joy that was still within me was restored and found light again.  I'm so grateful!" - S.T.

"We laughed long, cried at times and through it all I felt the power of sisterhood. - Mary

"Soul Chicks took care of us from waking to sleeping... I felt so welcomed and comfortable even though I came alone and from another state. -S.D.

"From the moment I arrived - full of worry, fear, grief and self doubt - the love was free-flowing and abundant.  Love made the difference and gave me the courage to be brave and really allow the power of Soul Restoration to take place within me.  - Sheri

 A few FAQ's

Who Should Attend?

Women of all ages and all stages of life attend Soul Camp. If you want to live deeper, truer, braver, and more authentically… come. If you are feeling weary or lost and need a place to stop, listen, and let your soul speak it’s healing wisdom into you…come. If you are worn down from hustling for your worth in this world and need to find a way back to your authentic self…come. If you need to let go of things that are holding you back and fly free…come. If you need a vacation from life and need to reclaim your sparkle…come. If you want more joy, love, and laughter in your life…come. Come just as you are…just come!

Where is Soul Camp?

Girl Gets Wings Soul Restoration Retreats are held at a beautiful luxury mountain chalet surrounded by the majestic beauty of the Northern California Sierra Mountains near spectacular Lake Tahoe. You will hear your soul whisper to you through the pines as you enjoy the majestic beauty of the Sierras.

What does it cost and what’s included?

Investment for the 5 day all-inclusive retreat is $1600. Your stay includes: 5 days/4 nights shared accommodations at a beautiful luxury chalet in the majestic Sierra Mountains · All deliciously prepared meals, snacks, and beverages. Daily life+art classes taught by a Certified Soul Restoration Instructor personally trained by Melody Ross of Brave Girls Club · Gorgeous thoughtfully designed Soul Restoration course material · Art supplies to get your creativity going · campfires · Awesome Soul Chicks tote-bag with hand-made touches · Countless surprises and keepsakes. *Note: tuition does not include transportation to or from Soul Camp. Payment plans are available upon request.

What is Girl Gets Wings?

Things sometimes happen in life, sometimes quickly, and sometimes over time that can make us forget who we are, make us feel like we need to hide behind masks of our authentic self and hustle for our worth. This curriculum is intended to help every woman heal hurts, confront old beliefs that have been holding her back, then find and keep the bravery needed to stay joyfully true to her own path.

Girl Gets Wings is about peeling away the untruths that have accumulated to make up the lies and story’s we tell our self about who we are, what we are worth, and what is possible for us. The ones that tear us down, hold us back, and keep us stuck behind mask of our authentic self. It’s about rediscovering the truth of who we are and living from that place of truth, worthiness, and authenticity so we can live big, true, and brave within our own lives.

 It is oh so beautiful life changing stuff.


It is all about restoring back to the beautiful, joyful, authentic souls we truly are.

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