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Live Retreat

October 28-30, 2021 Northern California




Soul Chick


3 -  Learning Modules 

Dates TBA

Recorded Videos, Beautiful Workbooks, Live Zoom Calls!

Self Paced, Creative Projects & Private Sisterhood FB group!


Each Module is 4 weeks with a 2 week break before the next Module begins


Modules Include:

Protect Your Peace:  Your tool kit for finding inner peace

and doing what it takes to protect it - A Deep dive into Boundaries


Getting Back UP:  Your tool kit for getting back up when life knocks you down


I Am Enough- Your Tool kit for Remembering that you are enough & so much more

Soul Chicks, The Master Class:

Despite our best intentions, life has a way of tarnishing our shine.

When you step back into the real world it gets hard to remember your truth, and to stay with yourself. The lessons you learned and the tools you gained can start to fade.  The world has changed and times are uncertain.


So we've put together our Soul Chicks, Master Class just for you...our amazing Sister. A place where we can gather on-line, from anywhere in the world. So no matter where you are you get the chance to connect into our sisterhood love bubble - to refresh your lessons - dust off your tools - and learn new ways of growing.


It's brand new and it's all about helping you to continue your journey and to

LIVE RESTORED...even in this chaotic world.


If you're an alumni sister who's been to a live workshop or retreat....this one's for you. If you are a sister who's never experienced a Soul Chicks event, or any retreat, THIS IS FOR YOU!   Dates: TBA Online Class

Additional Courses/ Camps
The Living Room Series: This Live/Online course -The same life changing curriculum experienced at our
"Girl Gets Wings" Soul Camp Retreats, but chunked into bite size weekly classes.
"The Soul Series" Classes are a delicious taste of soul restoring goodness, fun and sisterhood packaged into single day workshops, courses, and gatherings.
Workshops are amazing little nuggets of goodness taken from the Author of  Soul Restoration, Melody Ross- Soulful curriculum and packaged into single day or multi- day workshops and mini-retreats. They include: Soul Book, Truth Cards, She Did it Anyway, Rough Day Book, and The Decision Maker. 
The Soul Chicks Camp-A Daring Way[TM] Retreat Based on work by Brene' Brown.  We are excited to collaborate with certified Daring Way[TM] Instructors to bring you this amazing experience. 
Welcome to
Soul Chicks Camp
A Daring Way™ Retreat

based on the work of Brene Brown Ph.D 

Dates: TBA

The Daring Way™ Retreat is a 4 day all-inclusive life changing experience of soul restoring work and big beautiful soul sister love. You get to experience the famous Daring Way™ curriculum in a safe loving circle of sisterhood; all designed to help you let go of the hustle for worthiness, live your life more fully and authentically, and to experience the joy of knowing you are enough. All so you can live a big, brave, beautiful life, whatever that looks like for you. ​

The Daring Way™ is an extraordinary retreat based on the work of Brene Brown, Ph.D., led by Certified Daring Way™  Facilitators, and hosted by Soul Chicks.

Sister, we cannot tell you how special this experience combines the power of Brene Brown's Daring Way™ life changing curriculum with the extraordinary soul restoring sisterhood Soul Chicks is famous for. It is deep soul work plus fun creative art & play, meaningful red-carpet sisterhood, campfire, music, delicious food, BIG BIG LOVE, special surprises, and oh so much more!! We will take care of you with absolute loving kindness, so all you have to do is show-up for yourself.

This is a once in a lifetime experience...truly!! We hope you can join us will be like nothing else you've experienced. If you have things to let go of, stuff to figure out, hurts to heal; if you're reaching for better - then THIS IS WHERE YOU WANT TO BE!!

  • Want to live deeper, truer, braver, and more authentically…

  • Feeling weary or lost and need a place to stop and figure things our for yourself…

  • Tired of hustling for your worth in this world and need to find a way back to authentic joy…

  • Need to let go of old lies, limiting beliefs, and things that are holding you back from living fully…

  • Tired of feeling like no matter how much you do, give, or accomplish it's still not enough; you're not  enough ...

  • Crave authentic meaningful connection with a sisterhood of women on the same journey...

  • Need a safe loving place to explore, create, heal, and grow...

  • Need a vacation from life and need to reignite your soul…

If you need to restore, rediscover, or just refresh….We hope you will gather with us to be loved & cared for as you dig deep into life changing lessons, create powerful tools, connect with a meaningful sisterhood, and fall in love with your beautiful soul. It’s going to be incredible…and we have a spot prepared just for YOU!

Weekend Retreats

Fly Free 
3 day Retreat
All inclusive accommodations
day camper options available
3 day all inclusive retreat.  Includes all meals and course materials, beautifully created Fly Free art material by Melody Ross of Brave Girls Club, a personal gift, ton's of special touches and a few surprises. *Note - Day Camper rate does not include housing accommodations.
About this retreat:

In this intimate retreat we will be gathering in sisterhood and learning to listen to the voice of our body & soul with the Flying Free coursework by Melody Ross of Brave Living and sacred movement with certified Yoga Instructor and Inquiry Coach Kolleen Harrison.

This course is all about reclaiming our wholeness and exposing the limiting beliefs that put walls around our hearts and keep us living in fear, stress and overwhelm. 

  • Think of it as a self care, soul care, and sisterhood fun all rolled into one amazing weekend. A weekend of learning, growing, laughing, and being loved and cared for in fabulous Soul Chicks style goodness. Can you say LOVE BUBBLE!!


Three days of no masks, no pretending to be anything you're not, no living to anyone else's expectations...just you, showing up for yourself, being loved exactly as you are, connecting with other beautiful like hearted sisters, and exploring what matters most to your soul, then giving yourself the permission you need to Fly FREE. Yes please!!

What you can expect:

  • A 3 day all inclusive stay at a charming country estate set among the vineyards of Northern California's beautiful Lodi Wine Region.

  • Learn how to listen to your internal truth and tap into the wisdom of your body as you are lovingly guided through the beautiful Fly Free course curriculum.

  • Gentle yoga will be woven into the curriculum to help you connect and destress, (no crazy Yoga poses here, just gently soul grounding body connection).

  • Receive a gorgeous Fly Free work book with all you need to create lovely one of a kind tools that will help you fly free and live the life you want to live.

  • Experience fun creative activities designed to help you move the lessons from your head to your heart.

  • Connect in deep and beautiful ways with other women on the same wild and wonderful journey.

  • Gather with your sisters for delicious and lovingly prepared meals, and yummy snacks.

  • Be treated with absolute loving kindness as you learn, laugh, create, and connect your way back to your beautiful whole self.

Guest Facilitator, Kolleen Harrison











We are so excited to introduce you to Kolleen Harrison. 

Kolleen will be our guest facilitator.  She has a beautiful gift of bringing so much love, soul and care to all she does, you will fall in love with her and her beautiful heart. 

Kolleen is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Inquiry/Spiritual Coach and Soul Restoration Teacher. Her most recent endeavors are receiving a Certification in Trauma Informed Yoga together with a Certification for completion of  the program “Yoga.Psyche.Soul” which integrates yoga and psychology.


Kolleen is extremely passionate about the mind-body connection and the way in which yoga can heal and transform us through breath, stillness, sacred movement and the spiritual essence held within the practice.


Kolleen’s style of teaching is for EVERYONE, and EVERY body - with her class focus being one of reconnecting to our bodies, healing our hearts and awakening our souls through conscious breathing and mindful movement.


Her work provides tools for self exploration, discovery and acceptance, a more grounded and centered way of being, and a resurgence for life.

What you'll be doing:


With love, joy, and Soul Chicks' style fun, you will spend your time exploring what's holding you back or keeping you trapped, connecting with the beautiful truth of who you are and what's meant for you, and creating tools to help you free. We will eat together, learn together, move together, laugh and explore together. You will connect with yourselves and with other like hearted sisters on the same incredible journey.

If this sounds like what your soul is yearning for, come join us at this serene country estate set in the beautiful vineyards of Lodi wine country. It's going to be an amazing experience of sisterhood, self discovery, and soul restoring fun.


We would love to see your beautiful face here with the orange registration button above and we will save a spot for you.

Big Love -

Sandi and Shannon


*Payment plans available, please contact us for options.

She Did It Anyway ®
(includes lunch, snack, personalized SDIA kit and all supplies) 

Being a human is hard, and life can be beautiful when we choose to show up and do it anyway...

She Did It Anyway ®

About this workshop:

This class is intended to be a fun soulful experience for women; an opportunity to gather in the spirit of sisterhood and connect in a meaningful way as we learn the beautiful truth of what we are capable of and create tools to live a braver, truer, more joyful life.

She Did It Anyway ® is about bravely looking the scary messy stuff in the face, then going out and DOING IT ANYWAY. We will write the story of our own heroine journey to remind ourselves that we can do hard things, and to teach us that no matter what challenges we face, we each have the power to live a beautiful life.

In this class you can expect to…

  • Learn how to harness the simple power of showing up and DOING IT ANYWAY

  • Create a unique She Did It Anyway® book, with each page telling the story of your own resolve to live the life you want in spite of the challenges you face. Take it home as a powerful tool to help guide you to keep showing up and Doing It Anyway

  • Access to tons of fun creative supplies (no art experience necessary, just a willingness to play)

  • Receive a gorgeous She Did It Anyway ® workbook by Melody Ross of Brave Girls Club

  • Connect with a tribe of beautiful sister-souls on the same wild and wonderful journey

  • Enjoy a yummy lunch, snacks, beverages, music, and a few special surprises

  • Be treated with loving kindness as you learn, laugh, create, and connect your way to a bigger, braver more joyful life



Life is filled with challenges...being a human is can be beautiful when we choose to show-up and do it anyway!!

The Living Room Series
A LIVE Web Series-
(Includes complete Soul Restoration kit, including a beautiful work book and personal journal created by Melody Ross, Soul Chicks Tote bag, fun art supplies,  food and beverage) 

About this workshop:

This course is the entire life changing Soul Restoration curriculum taught over a 4 week period. This is the same extraordinary curriculum made famous by Brave Girls Club and experienced at our Soul Chicks "Girl gets Wings" Retreats. We are so excited to bring this LIVE Web Series experience.

Soul Restoration-The Living Room Series, is an intimate gathering of soul restoring fun and big beautiful sisterhood love. 


Things happen in life, sometimes quickly, and sometimes over time that can make us forget who we are, make us feel like we need to hide behind cardboard cutouts of our authentic self and hustle for our worthiness. Soul Restoration is intended to help every woman heal hurts and confront old beliefs that may be holding her back, and to find and keep the bravery needed to stay joyfully true to her own path.


In this class you can expect to…

  • Remember the beautiful truth of who you are what you are capable of, let go of limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, reconnect with the beauty of your authentic self, learn how to protect your peace, reignite your spark, and discover the bravery needed to live a big beautiful life...whatever that looks like for you. 

  • Create unique personal art projects designed to move the wisdom of each lesson deep into your heart, and to become tools to live a braver, truer, more joyful life. (no art experience necessary, just a willingness to play)

  • Receive a gorgeous Soul Restoration workbook lovingly crafted by Melody Ross of Brave Girls Club

  • Connect with a tribe of beautiful sister-souls on the same wild and wonderful journey

  • Enjoy yummy meals , snacks, beverages, music, and special surprises

  • Be treated with loving kindness as you learn, laugh, create, and connect your way to a bigger, braver more joyful life


More about this workshop:

When we listen to the messages of the world it can often feel like we need to change who we are in order to find happiness, belonging and even connection. But all we really need to do is take time to figure things out and restore back to the beauty of our authentic self. Isn't that awesome. We think so, and we believe you will too.

In this course you will gather LIVE, in the comfort of your own home, with other women on the same wild and wonderful journey in an intimate casual setting to learn, laugh, heal, explore, create, and restore. You will be gently and lovingly guided through each lesson of Soul Restoration, designed to help you let go of the things that are no longer serving you, rediscover the beauty of your authentic self, and embrace the truth of who you are and what you are capable of. Each week you will connect deeper with the beautiful sisters you will share this journey with as you explore together, laugh together, cry together, create meaningful art together. As you begin to see yourself in your sister's story, and she in yours, you will create deep meaningful authentic connections that will restore your heart and change the way you see yourself forever. 


Soul Restoration is for every woman...

  • that wants to learn to live deeper, truer, braver, and more authentically...

  • is feeling weary or lost and needs a place to stop and figure things out for herself…

  • is tired of hustling for her worth in this world and needs to find a way back to authentic joy…

  • needs to let go of old lies, limiting beliefs, and things that are holding her back from living fully…

  • is tired of feeling like no matter how much she does, gives, or accomplish she is still not enough...

  • is craving authentic meaningful connection with a sisterhood of women on the same wild and wonderful journey...

  • needs a safe loving place to explore, create, heal, and grow...

  • needs time for herself and needs to reignite her soul…

  • simply wants more love, laughter, and fun in her life…


We simply cannot tell you how special this experience is. Here's what other Soul Chicks have to say about it --> 

" This is one of the most amazing experiences, one that every woman should experience! The love and sisterhood along with the beautiful process of finding yourself again with the loving guidance of Sandi and Shannon is absolutely amazing. I can't stress enough how life changing this is and how much love, acceptance and sisterhood develops..."

  - Laurie, Modesto CA (2017)

"This is one of the best things I have done- spending time in the company of incredible women creating Sisterhood at a depth I've never experienced before. I highly recommend it."

  -Alison, Boulder CO (2017)



At Soul Chicks, we are on a mission to bring the power of Soul Restoration and sisterhood to women all around us. Because we believe that when women are brave out loud, own their stories, and let go of their "stuff" in a safe loving circle of sisterhood, they are transformed...their authenticity and worth restored. And when women live from a place of authenticity and worth, a brave, beautiful life is the natural result. And every woman deserves that!!


We have a spot saved for you dear sister. We hope to see you there.

With Big Love -

Sandi and Shannon

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