Frequently Asked Questions

What is Soul Camp?

A place of belonging…to gather with other sister-souls on the same wild and wonderful journey, share our stories, connect, and form true life-long friendships.

A place to learn the beautiful truth about ourselves.

A place to rest, feel safe and get your brave on.

A place filled with fun, laughter, light, joy, and pretty little touches that women appreciate.

A magical place to experience what the woman’s soul craves.

A place to make art that moves the things you will learn deep into your heart so that you never ever forget.

A place of shared love, support, and wisdom to help lift women up and make it through their own adversities.

A place where delicious comforting food is lovingly served on beautifully set tables.

A place to let go of the things that no longer serve you and make room for all the goodness that is meant for you.

A place to claim your wings and fly into the rest of your life!

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Do I need to be an artist to come to Soul Camp?

No, you most certainly do not need to be an artist to come to Soul Camp, the projects are designed for ALL SKILL LEVELS. Whether you are an accomplished artist or a beginner, don’t worry…you will find an abundance of inspiration to create meaningful masterpieces and we will provide the materials from Brave Girls Cub Soul Restoration and a variety of other supplies to spark your ideas. So be brave and let your creative soul sing….you will be amazed what beautiful things it has to say to you.

Where do I sleep? Do I share a room with somebody?

This is a camp experience, and like all camps part of the fun is bunking up. We know the idea of sharing may feel awkward…we ask you to just trust us here. It’s going to be ok – better than ok. By the end of the first day you will be so happy you have your sisters to bunk with, bond with, talk and laugh with…truly, we promise! If you have special medical conditions requiring you to have your own room please contact us and let us know. We will do our very best to meet your needs.

What does a day look like?

A typical day at Soul Camp includes beautiful Soul Restoration lessons personally taught by a certified instructor. Melody will be joining us via videos she lovingly created for this life changing curriculum. We will share wonderful meals and plenty of delicious snacks. We are going to tap into our creativity and make inspiring personal art projects. You will have time to take a walk in nature, talk with other women, relax on the deck under the pines, and time to do whatever else might be nourishing for your soul. At dinner we gather at the most beautifully set candle-lit tables and enjoy a fabulous meal together, complete with dessert. In the evenings we will have wonderful shares around the red carpet, music, laughter, campfire, and all sorts of magical experiences. Soul Camp is a vacation from life...we have a place waiting for just you.

Can you accommodate my food allergies?

Absolutely…we want you to feel cared for and pampered like everyone else. We will do our very best to make sure your needs are taken care of.

What happens if I need to cancel?

We are happy to give a full refund of your $300 deposit when requested within 15 days of your registration. After that, your deposit and any additional payments become non refundable. (Refunds will not be issued for registrations made 30 days or less of camp.) We are happy to transfer your payments to another participant or for a future retreat.


"Girl Gets Wings” Camp 2019 DATES Coming Soon

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