Hello Beautiful Soul Sister-

Despite our best intentions, life has a way of tarnishing our shine.

When you step back into the real world it gets hard to remember

your truth, and to stay with yourself. The lessons you learned and

the tools you gained can start to fade.  The world has changed

and times are uncertain.


But gorgeous friend...healing is not a one and done.

We know that...Shannon and I are never done. And we know that

you aren't either.


We know that the journey back home to yourself - to showing up and living big, brave, and true within your life - means you never stop learning, and growing. And we know this work can't be done alone. It takes the support of a sisterhood. It means having a safe place to be brave out loud, along side other women traveling the same journey. And to be seen, heard, and loved along the way.

If you have been to our Camp, or Retreats, do you remember how magical it was around the red carpet? How it made you feel like you could be brave enough to let yourself be truly seen, to be all of who you are, and you were loved because of it? That maybe the real you was way more beautiful than you were giving her credit for? And that maybe you could learn to be this brave anywhere?  AND Sis, if you have not attended camp yet, THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU TOO!  We can't wait to have you with us right here! And what if maybe you could learn to be this brave too?  

So we've put together our Soul Chicks, Master Class just for you...our amazing Sister. A place where we can gather on-line, from anywhere in the world. So no matter where you are you get the chance to connect into our sisterhood love bubble - to refresh your lessons - dust off your tools - and learn new ways of growing.


It's brand new and it's all about helping you to continue your journey and to LIVE RESTORED...even in this chaotic world.


If you're an alumni sister who's been to a live workshop or retreat....this one's for you. If you are a sister who's never experienced a Soul Chicks event, or any retreat, THIS IS FOR YOU!


Soul Chicks,

The Master Class


Dates: TBA


Looking for a New way of Living in our

Chaotic world?




Each week you will be connecting as a group, Live Online.  

We will be learning how to 

  • reframe our thoughts to EMPOWER ourselves.


  •  be intentional & harness our BEST.


  • create RADICAL moves & Rewire our brains.

  • create a NEW Path of Peace.


This course will also include:

A Private Facebook group for sisterhood & support to share, process, heal & laugh.

Beautiful Curriculum & lessons to guide you back home to yourself.  

Meditations, Pep talks, Time for Q & A.

New Artwork & projects to connect our learning from our heads to our hearts.  

Soul Chicks,

The Master Class


Are you ready for 

NEW tools

to use in this

Chaotic world we live in?



Are you ready to LIVE RESTORED?


Taught by The Soul Chicks, Shannon Yonge & Sandi Luke

Both Shannon & Sandi have navigated their own unique path. 


They are passionate about sharing what they have learned with you, to ease your journey, so that you can live a more authentic, courageous, life of Big Love & Freedom.

Are you ready to LIVE RESTORED?