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4/14/2021I'm Laura Tremaine

& I always have at least

10 Things to Tell You Podcast episode #109

8 Tips to Celebrate Yourself

I’m sharing 8 tips on the podcast this week about our mindset and practicalities of celebrating ourselves. And I modeled this idea for my book launch back in February, so it’s fresh on my mind. (And that’s where this great photo is from.)⁣

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Michelle ChelfantIMG_9301.jpg
249_ The Power of Self-Compassion with DArtist Name
00:00 / 53:58

3/10/21 Podcast Club Episode:

 The Adult Chair with Michelle Chalfant.


Join us here for this amazing conversation with Michelle Chalfant & Dr. Kristin Neff.  One of the world’s leading self-compassion experts and one of the first to conduct scientific research on the benefits of self-compassion and how it can change your life. I LOVED our conversation, which covers everything from what self-compassion is and how to cultivate it to the inner critic, anger, gender roles and the way society often makes it difficult to cultivate self-compassion. 


Listen to discover: 


  • What self compassion really is 

  • The three core components of self-compassion

  • Emotional and behavioral self-compassion practices

  • Why self-compassion is not selfish

  • When anger is constructive and loving

  • Why self-compassion is essential for overcoming depression, anxiety and stress

Bravefull Podcast Logo1603338305869-f0dc

2/10/21. Podcast Info:  Bravefull A Podcast for Achieving Women

A podcast from Amy Z.  Her mission is to connect with high Achieving Women, share their stories of Achievements so others can be lifted up for success.  


Episode from Jan 26, 2021

Let’s Listen, Learn, and Lean In to our Souls with Shannon Yonge of Soul Chicks

My guest for today’s episode is Shannon Yonge, co-founder and Soul Restoration Instructor at Soul Chicks, a place for women looking forward to living deeper, truer, and braver. After an extreme situation in her life, Shannon had to find the time and place to heal, regroup, and start over – and SoulChicks is a safe place to do just that.

In this episode, we talk about how SoulChicks helps women to heal. Shannon shares her path from betrayal and abuse to trusting people again, starting over again, and giving her permission to edit her life, and how her dream of helping other women to thrive started. 

Here's the link to listen:

bravefull podcast, episode-7_graphic.jpg
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January 13 Podcast Club Episode

Podcast Info:



"What would our lives be like if we spent less time thinking and talking about the way we look? What If we stopped comparing our bodies and bemoaning our “flaws”? Researchers report 85–95% of women are extremely dissatisfied with their bodies. How can we change this for ourselves? How can we change the language we use about our bodies and create realistic and positive constructs for the next generation of women? Hillary McBride is a therapist and researcher who writes about these questions in her book Mothers, Daughters, and Body Image: Learning to Love Ourselves as We Are. According to Hillary, we inherit harmful stories about our bodies, and may pass them onto our daughters without even knowing it. Hillary points out other ways we come by this language: through systemic misinformation and misogyny that envelops us daily, pushing us toward an unattainable standard of beauty. This conversation has everything to do with dispelling our shame and celebrating our womanhood."

Here's the Link to Listen!

Unlocking Us- Brene' Brown IMG_6325.jpg


For our first episode of The Podcast Club we will be diving into Brene' Brown's "FFT's" We just got through Thanksgiving during a pandemic & we are heading into Christmas...during a Pandemic....AND none of us have done THIS before.  Take a listen to sister Brene' And join us on our zoom call on 12/9 at 5:30PM (pst)- Register for the link & join us from wherever you are!

Podcast info:

The first Unlocking Us podcast is here! Along with the excitement of sending this into the world, I’m feeling equal doses of fear, awkwardness, and vulnerability. In this episode I talk about my strategy for staying in tough first times versus tapping out and shutting down. When we get to  the point that we only do things that we’re already good at doing, we stop growing. And truly living.


Here's the Link to Listen!

books by Brene Brown