Adding FUN to your calendar

Everyone needs to have some fun, right?

Here’s the thing- I used to believe the lie that I wasn’t allowed to have fun. I believed it was my job to hold everything for everyone- the grief (mine and others), the anxiety (mine and others), the fear (yep, mine and others too)- YIKES! It made life so tiring and made my soul so weary.

21 mile hike to Cloud's Rest in Yosemite National Park, circa 2011

A LOT of learning, a LOT of growing and becoming has helped me learn to release those things that were never meant for me to hold or take on.

And what I learned about myself is that I LOVE to have something to look forward to.

To have an event, or a vacation, or a visit on the calendar - It’s THE thing that keeps me motivated, and even helps me get those necessary things done! Anyone else?

Yosemite National Park, circa 2011

So I started to schedule things into my life that were life giving. Things that would restore my soul, nourish me, and fill me up. Sister, we all need to open space up in our lives for the things that actually give us life

Double Decker Busing it w/ my son Collin. London, 2015

The things that helped me along the way may not appeal to you- and that’s ok! What fills my soul will most likely be something different than what fills yours- but what we both need is to be intentional about opening space up in our calendars and our lives for the very things that GIVE US LIFE!

10 day girl's National Parks road trip. 3 parks -10 days, 2014

California International Marathon, relay team, circa 2012

Solo camping trip w/ my girl Molly. Yikes...had to put my brave girl pants on for this one. Sierra Nevada Mountains, 2017

Mountain Hikes, a long distance run, a walk, coffee with a dear friend, a vacation to somewhere beautiful, a restoring retreat, a girlfriends getaway…..even a camping trip solo (GASP!) Yep! I’ve done that too.

Here’s the thing Sister- as we head into the 2nd month of 2019, let’s schedule some fun! Let’s choose to meet with our best friends and have adventures...lets make time to fill up our souls. It's time for some EPIC FUN!

XO -


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