Adding Peace To Your Holiday List

Hey there Sister! Shannon here, and I'm curious if your to do list is a mile long today?

Yep...I was just trying to power through the list, checking things off, wanting to feel some kind of accomplishment, and frankly, so I wouldn't forget something.....Just me?

Oh, you too?

Seems like this time of year I'm constantly adding additional "stuff" to that dang list- not that it's not already

L - O - N - G enough, right?!

So here's the challenge.....really,

All I want for Christmas is Peace.

and a little of these too,





All of these feel SO much better than the alternative.....

But here's where I'm asking myself....what if I chose to edit this list of mine?

What if I actually Add these TO my list?






Really, add them now, go ahead, open those notes on your phone and add them-

Being intentional about our Peace, actually scheduling it and taking the time to notice when we do not "feel it," is a choice.

I have to remember that I have a choice in how I want to show up to life, to this holiday season, and to the people I love.

But Sis, sometimes the gatherings we'll have over the next few weeks can suck the peace right out of our hearts- or at least feel like that right?

So how do you find peace in those gatherings at Crazy Aunt Betty''s?

How? Begin by asking yourself these questions...

What is it that I want my experience to be?

This is how YOU choose to show up, it's not about all the other people.

When things go south what will I choose?

If you want peace, choose that. Ok, that sounds great you say, but how do I do that when my experience has been the voices in the room get louder, the gathering begins to feel more like a war zone, and I usually begin to feel some panic instead of that peace...

CREATE your GO-TO LIST. Yes! Make this list ahead of time. Include anything that will put some peace back into your day.

Your list may include...

* Get outside- fresh air can help clear your head.

*Text a friend...get a buddy beforehand & be each others support system for the day.

*Make a cup of herbal tea (instead of another glass of wine).

*Choose an Exit plan- YEP! Think ahead of time when you'll need to leave. No need to create excuses as to why, and no need to explain at all- if this will bring you more peace, remove yourself.

Remember, you know yourself best. You know what you'd love to experience....and what you do not.

If you want peace. Choose peace.

Big Love & Peace this Holiday Season,



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