Adding Peace To Your Holiday List

Hey there Sister! Shannon here, and I'm curious if your to do list is a mile long today?

Yep...I was just trying to power through the list, checking things off, wanting to feel some kind of accomplishment, and frankly, so I wouldn't forget something.....Just me?

Oh, you too?

Seems like this time of year I'm constantly adding additional "stuff" to that dang list- not that it's not already

L - O - N - G enough, right?!

So here's the challenge.....really,

All I want for Christmas is Peace.

and a little of these too,





All of these feel SO much better than the alternative.....

But here's where I'm asking myself....what if I chose to edit this list of mine?

What if I actually Add these TO my list?






Really, add them now, go ahead, open those notes on your phone and add them-

Being intentional about our Peace, actually scheduling it and taking the time to notice when we do not "feel it," is a choice.

I have to remember that I have a choice in how I want to show up to life, to this holiday season, and to the people I love.

But Sis, sometimes the gatherings we'll have over the next few weeks can suck the peace right out of our hearts- or at least feel like that right?

So how do you find peace in those gatherings at Crazy Aunt Betty''s?

How? Begin by asking yourself these questions...

What is it that I want my experience to be?

This is how YOU choose to show up, it's not about all the other people.

When things go south what will I choose?

If you want peace, choose that. Ok, that sounds great you say, but how do I do that when my experience has been the voices in the room get louder, the gathering begins to feel more like a war zone, and I usually begin to feel some panic instead of that peace...

CREATE your GO-TO LIST. Yes! Make this list ahead of time. Include anything that will put some peace back into your day.

Your list may include...

* Get outside- fresh air can help clear your head.

*Text a friend...get a buddy beforehand & be each others support system for the day.