Does time heal ALL wounds?

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Hey sis, I have a little news for you, and it may not be what you want to hear....but as your sister who has walked a million miles through hard, here's what I've learned. Healing is HARD work....and there's NO clock involved! Ya know the misnomer- "Time heals all wounds", those words now rank at the top of my BS radar...(just saying). What I do know for's the work that HEALS!

Dear sister, it's the deep soul work, the looking inward, identifying unhealthy behaviors, the lack of boundaries, and excavating lies that we've believed about ourselves that leads to true healing. Yes, it takes so much courage, (which by the way, is always tucked deep inside of you- EVEN when you're afraid).

With the deepest knowing, I've learned that it takes a sisterhood of support, love, empathy and compassion to heal.

Sandi and I have been on our healing journeys for awhile now....and it all began with one step. We both know for sure, that if we hadn't taken that first step into our soul work, if instead, we'd of just stood still waiting for time to heal, we wouldn't be here now, doing the work we're doing, and living life from a truer, stronger, braver, more authentic & whole place.

We're so grateful that we took that first step, and now we get to witness so many incredibly beautiful women choose to step into healing & freedom at our retreats, workshops, and even through our social media. It's been an incredible journey and such an honor and inspiration to share in this sisterhood of brave beautiful women.

And Sis, we know that's you too, because you're here...reading a blog with two chicks talking about soul work and healing journeys. You're not running away from the deeper stuff, that's not you. You know there is more to you than what the fear and hurt are telling you. And we want to celebrate YOU! The woman who's scared, who's afraid to take a look under the layers, but who's ready for different. Who's ready to see who she is at the soul level, and ready to live true to her beautiful-self.

What I know for sure is that each woman who we've walked alongside, has discovered inside of herself, someone beautiful, worthy, bright, loved, enough, and good at her core.

So sister, if you're ready to begin your journey, Sandi and I would love to share what has worked for us. We'd love to share how, through soul work and sisterhood we've navigated the waves and riptides of life. We're here, and we've created a beautiful circle just for you to begin.

...What I know for sure is that each woman that we've come alongside has discovered inside of herself, someone beautiful... and good at her core.

Will you join us?

We've just opened a "day camper" option for our May gathering, and we have a couple all inclusive spaces left. Join us for time away from the distractions of life. Come and focus on your soul, your growth, and your journey.

Sit with us at a beautiful candle lit table in the vineyard as we nourish our bodies with good food, and our souls with authentic sisterhood, laughter, and connections. Leave restored and ready to live in knowing the truth about beautiful you.

Come fill up your soul and reignite your spark.

>>Register here.


Shannon & Sandi

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