Girl...use the slippers!!

Hey sister so glad you’re here.

I had planned on writing about hope this week, but truth is I’m just not feeling it…because Mercury’s been kicking my arse.

Apparently, there’s a whole thing with mercury being in retrograde that plays havoc on communication and relationships...ugh. It’s a thing sister, it’s a thing!! And it’s been dishing up some unexpected crazy.

So, I’m wondering if maybe Mercury’s been kicking your butt too...and like me, maybe you need to take a breath, hit pause, and listen to truth. Maybe u need to punch your “phone a friend” card like I did. You need that friend that’s grounded enough in her own truth that she can sit in crazy with you… and with all the love in her heart and not an ounce of judgement tell you that you're sitting in crazy town, and remind you that YOU hold the power to get out. Then gently but directly, point out the ruby slippers on your own two damn feet that can take you home if you just remember to use your power. Kind’a like a bad-ass version of Glenda the Good Witch...”You’ve always had the power my dear, now wake up and use it because you’re way smarter and stronger than you’re behaving!!” (Thank you, my bad-ass Glenda’ know who you are).

So, Sister – here I am today. I’m here to be your bad-ass Glenda and with all the love in my heart, remind you that you are NEVER powerless because your power is always inside you. Wherever and whenever you’re feeling misunderstood, helpless, victimized, put upon, held back, or even bullied- YOU have the power to get out of Crazy’ve got ruby slippers on your two damn feet- and they can take you home...Girl…USE THE SLIPPERS!!!

Your ruby slippers...they are "truth" & "choice". And they are the way back home to yourself. The world is a loud place. There’s so many voices pulling us, pushing us, telling us what to think and feel, and who to be. Then there is the story maker that lives inside our own head, whose job it is to make meaning out of what’s happening to us. We will call her the wizard (...wink, wink). In the absence of our own truth, wizard is constantly pulling levers, blowing smoke bombs, and making crap up. You see, she doesn’t really care if it’s true, she just needs a story to tell. Our brain is like this. It’s job is to make sense out of what’s happening to us, then tell us the story of what it means about us. The problem is, our brain is great at understanding facts, but not so great at understanding the deeper truth of who we are outside the context of our circumstances.

Because it’s looking outward, our brain tells us a story that who we are is about what’s happening to us. That’s why when it comes to knowing the truth of who we are, we must turn inward to our heart, to our deeper knowing, to our truth. Our brain will tell us, that because we struggle, we stumble, and we fall short of what the world tells us we need to be, that we are not enough. But our truth tells us that we are all beautifully imperfect humans who are learning, growing, and becoming. Our brain will tell us, that because someone couldn’t love us the way we needed to be loved, it means we are unlovable. Our truth says, that another’s inability to love us is about their heart, not ours. And we are no less worthy of love because of it.


"When it comes to knowing the truth of who we are, we must turn inward to our heart, to our deeper knowing, to our truth."


So you can see why, when we listen to our brain instead of our truth we end up stuck in Crazy Town? When we look to the outside to tell us who we are, what we are capable of, and the things that are meant for us….it’s like asking the wizard behind the curtain to take us to a place she’s not capable of traveling. It’s only our own truth that can take us home.

That’s where the other slipper, "choice", comes in. No matter what’s happening to us or around us, we always have the ability to choose what we believe about who we are, what we are capable of, and what is meant for us. We get to define what is true about us...not our circumstances, and not the outside voices. We can choose to follow the voices down the yellow brick road and believe that who we are is about what's happening to us, or we can use the power of the truth inside us to take us back home to our self.

Sister…let’s not stay stuck in crazy town when we’ve got ruby slippers on our two damn feet. Girl….USE THE SLIPPERS!!!

See you at home Sister.

Big Love-


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