How I Survived Divorce - ( my survival resource guide )

Dear Sister,

Are you going through a divorce or separation? First, I am so very sorry that you have found yourself here- it's never what we imagine on our wedding day.

I can tell you that it was by far the hardest season of my life. A season that I didn't choose, but was really chosen for me.

So sister, whatever got you to this place today....I'm sharing all the resources I discovered as I decided to step forward and heal from the hurt.

There was not ONE thing that brought me out of the grief and pain of my divorce…it was a combination of each of these resources over the course of the last 4 years….

I'm sharing All the things I did to come through to the other side.

if I can navigate through ALL THE can too.

I’m sending a HUGE BRAVE & COURAGEOUS hug to you today!

You’ve got you! And YOU are the One YOU’VE been waiting for!

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Big Love,


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