How My Story Opened The Door To My Healing

Hey there sister, I'm opening up a bit, and I want to share my experience with how sharing my story launched a new way of living for me.

Here's what I want to share with you sis-

How I found relief.

How I started to heal.

The deep sisterhood I found.

My new way of living.

My story begins almost 8 years ago, at a women''s retreat up in the mountains of Idaho. We were learning about being present, taking a look at our own lives, and the lessons we'd learned from our experiences. A feeling of safety and acceptance had been fostered from the very beginning. So after a few days of learning, and experiencing this beautiful place & amazing retreat, we were each given space to share our stories. I was scared, nervous, and fearful that when once it was found out what had been going on in my life that I would be judged (and harshly), that I would be abandon there to scoop up the pieces alone & unseen.

But here's what actually happened...

It was my turn. I could pass if I chose, but I knew that I may never have another chance to release my story out into the world quite like this ever again...So I began....

I will never forget what it felt like to release my open the door and see what was there for me in that moment. As I began to share the tragedies, the experiences, the abuses, the realizations ...what I actually felt was a deep relief. I felt as though the physical weight of what I had carried around, was lighter, and that for the first time I actually felt a little freer.

As each woman shared her story with us, we were given the opportunity to show up in a way that I never had before. We each showed up that day as a compassionate witness. To hear our sister, witness her voice (even if it shook) and see her tears if they fell...And to let them fall.

What I experienced was a beautiful sisterhood of honoring, a deep kinship, and a feeling of bonding that I'd never experienced before. When we stand WITH each other in compassion, empathy and witness another woman share her grief, victories, her experiences, no matter what they are...

genuine sisterhood is born.

Here's what I know now.

Sharing is hard AND the healing that comes from it is worth the hard stuff. The thing about sharing, is that we find ourselves within the stories of each other and the common humanity and beauty of seeing each other is a miracle. Sharing provides relief. It provides the pathway for healing and reveals sisterhood bonds that you may have never experienced before. Wisdom, and a greater capacity for compassion & empathy are developed. We learn to heal our hurts, and become stronger women from it. We learn to live a new way, lighter, freer, wiser, and of greater service to our communities & this world.

One of my favorite sessions at our Girl Gets Wings retreats is when we open up for a time of sharing.

To be honest, It's hard and It's an absolute honor to witness to every single woman who has sat around our red carpet. To have the opportunity to honor another's story with listening ears and compassion- is something so incredible-

What I have witnessed is sisters growing deeply together. Women rooting for each other with deep respect. Who begin to release what has burdened them for so long.

Women who are ready for a NEW way of living.

If you would like to be cared for, have time away, and experience sisterhood- we will be announcing our Retreats for 2020 very soon! Click here to be first to know about Registration dates, and all the details.

We can't wait to meet you.


Big Love,

Shannon & Sandi

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