How to Get Back up

Dear knocked down, just failed girl,

It's Shannon, I'm right here with you, and I wanted to write you a personal letter from my heart to yours if you have ever been knocked down, stomped on, kicked while you've been down, etc....

It is a place no one ever wants to be, right? Here's the thing....if we are living and breathing- we WILL get knocked down, and we WILL fail- that's just life.

Sister, what I want for you to know is that when this happens,

YOU have the POWER to GET BACK UP.

So, with all that I am, I want you to hear this sis...

Get Back UP.

You are not meant to linger on the floor, you were not made for staying there- it is No place for a beautiful, gifted, creative, smart woman like you to linger. There are things you have to do- there are other places to see, and other people to meet and other adventures to be had- so girl, GET UP.

I've been knocked down more than I care to share about- ,traumas, tragedies and chapters that I'd rather erase out of my life's story- but they happened. Each one happened. I may have had to live in circumstances because of someone else's choices....BUT there were lessons for me from each choice someone else made that affected me. Yep LOTS of lessons- every single one of them getting me to the place I am now- which I'm so grateful for!

Shannon choosing to take the first step after hard things
I had to change my shirt, and put on that RED lipstick to take that first step!

So sister, how you do get up when hard things happen?

You choose, even though you are hurting, even though you may be broken hearted, even though you do not know what to do or how it will all end up...

You choose to pick yourself up (and maybe put on that red lipstick & change your shirt like I did) and say Not today- Nope, failure you don't get this win-

and you choose to say to yourself instead...

I don't know all the steps, but I choose to take this first one. And you step out.

This first step is the most important one.

It's the one that will be your north star. And when you choose to take that first step, when things get hard you will have already proven to yourself that since you lived through THAT hard thing and chose to step out- you will know that you can do it again (even if it's hard, even when your hurt, and even when you are broken hearted). You have the power to step out and find that next right thing for you.

So sister, I am sending you all the bravery and courage for you to take your first step.

You have the power, you have what it takes even if you don't know what that is...You have all the courage you will need for this journey, for this one single step into your next chapter.

Big Love & Cheering you on,

Shannon & Sandi

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