"I didn't know"- said me & 7,500 women at Rise

Having a blast at Rise. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g

"I didn’t know what I needed 'till I found it"- said me & 7,500 other women at Rise in Dallas.

For those of you just waking up from a long winters nap...Rise is a growth gathering, a place for women to come together and be supported and inspired. It's hosted by Rachael Hollis...as in, "Girl Wash Your Face", "Girl Stop Apologizing", and "Made For More".

Sis - You just don’t know what you don’t know until you know it!! Shannon and I didn’t know what we needed until we experienced it over 7 years ago, with 25 other women at a mountain cabin in McCall Idaho. And on a hot July day in Dallas Tx, we got to witness the same miraculous thing happen right in front of our eyes with 7,500 other women- women just like us, that didn't know what they needed until they got a taste of it. Until they felt the magic of it. And Sis it was incredible!!! I mean heart swelling, tears flowing, goosebumps... the you walking out the door, isn't the same you that that walked in the door, kind of incredible.

And you know why....because 7,500 women discovered what Shannon and I know to be true!!

Soul work + Sisterhood = magic!!! The kind of magic that unlocks a women's heart.

Truly- there is something absolutely magical that occurs when women create a circle of love for one another. It becomes a sacred space where we feel safe to show up, be seen, own our stories, stand in our truth, and recognize our shared humanity. It opens us, shifts us, heals us, transforms us, and restores us. It shows us what we look like through the eyes of love, and helps us find the courage to love ourselves with the same radical love. Experience this just once beautiful sister, and you will never ever see yourself the same again…!!

Imagine it....7,500 individual women in one giant arena, standing up for their sister, and even more powerfully, having their sister stand up for them in ways they had never been able to stand up for themselves. That's what happened, and it's no exaggeration to say that it fundamentally changed every women in that arena!! Each woman checked off from a list we'd all been given, things that represented her story, her experience...hard things...things that so many of us have experienced, but have never had the courage to own. Some were things that have happened "to" us, and others were things we've done to ourselves, and others were the truth of how we feel about our self. Then we folded it, and we all began to pass it...over, behind, to left and right. Until there was no way to know who's paper was where. There it was, our truest story, our deepest truths...out there, somewhere, in the hands of our sisters. It was at the same time liberating and terrifying.

What came next was magic. As Rachel read each statement aloud, one by one as the check marks on our paper appeared - we stood for the Sister who's story we held in our hands. And as we stood for her, we knew that somewhere in that same arena, as our check marks appeared, there was a sister standing for us. In that single moment, we owned our stories together, stood in our truth together, and traded competition, judgement, and comparing, for authenticity and bravery. We said, "I see you sister, in all your brutal humanity and you are beautiful." Then we began to consider, that if it's true for our sister - if she is beautiful and worthy in all of her humanity - then maybe, just maybe, it's true for me too. And just like that, 7,500 women's heart were changed...right there, in that moment of being truly seen, known, and loved.

Oh Sis - it was something. Shannon and I could see these women get it - and just like us, they were hooked, they had found what they didn't know they had needed. A safe loving circle of sisterhood - where they could show up, own their story, be brave, be real, and dig deep in ways the world has told them they couldn't.

This is exactly why we founded Soul Chicks. To bring the magic of Soul Work + Sisterhood to the beautiful women all around us. Because honestly...it's like a secret that needs to be shared and a treasure that needs to be experienced. Shannon and I see the magic happen every time, without exception, in the gorgeous brave women that show up at our retreats. For most, they show up hesitant, unsure, or armored up. Then somewhere along the way the magic happens... experiencing soul work in a safe loving circle of sisterhood allows them to be brave and show up for themselves in ways they never knew they could...just like Shannon and I learned to do many years before in a cabin with 25 other women in McCall Idaho. The fact that we get to share this now, with women at our retreats is incredible...and that we got to experience again with 7,500 women in an arena in Dallas Tx is truly inspiring. It gives me hope that someday, soul work + sisterhood will be as common as Yoga pants + Starbuck on a Saturday morning. Because we all need it, we all deserve it, and it's how we will change the world...starting with our own individual world, then the greater world around us. Now go get you some!!?

Big Love -

Sandi & Shannon



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