It's Your Turn Sister...

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

One week ago we we're standing on the steps of our Daring Way Retreat in the gorgeous Sierra Mountains of California/Nevada getting ready to welcome 10 beautiful Soul Chick Sisters into the "Love Bubble". Our hearts we're filled with anticipation and excitement because we knew the magical unfolding that was about to happen... it ALWAYS does.

Like all the camps before it, this one did not disappoint. It was an incredible experience- the power of Brene Brown's course work + the sisterhood and love bubble magic of Soul Chicks. Come on now!!!

There really are no words to fully describe our time together- BUT we want to share what a few of our sisters shared with us about their here their words...

"Lighter, more knowledgeable~especially of self compassion & the way I treat and talk to myself, thankful, forever changed and released some of the heavy stuff I had been carrying." ~Kelley, from Georgia.

"I have become more aware of the miracles happening around me, trying to be more aware of my thoughts and being kinder to myself. I loved & miss the love bubble so much!"

~ Diane, California

"Empowered, loved, honored, valued, cherished, basically treated with dignity, love and acceptance! and...validated, the feeling of not being alone. I could go on. "

~ Grace, California

Gorgeous Sister - If you're needing self care, a time to be seen, heard, and validated - a place to figure things out and tools to help you live a truer braver life - time away to rest & play - or all of the things... join us in March 2020- sign up on our wait list and be first to find out when registration opens!

Our small intimate retreat may be just what your heart is calling you to. It's time away for you- it's about taking care of you, so that you can take care of all the things your heart & your life are calling you to.

Sister, it's your turn.

Big Love,

Shannon & Sandi


PS. We're inviting you to view our photo album from our Daring Way Retreat-

click here to see more.

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