Let's Start A Rebellion

Hey there sis, Let's Start a Rebellion.


I do.

This is the 2017 me.. I was in the thick of divorce proceedings, having to sell most of my belongings, and trying to stay afloat. I wasn't sleeping well, and it seemed like (almost) everyone I knew was silent, not available, and bailing on friendships.

We all have those times when we are trying to stay afloat- trying to keep our head from going under. We struggle, and battle, and sometimes we get a win, but mostly it feels like loss. Your struggle may be because of an unexpected diagnosis, or a divorce like me, financial hardship, or grief from the loss of a loved one. Whatever it is - it's freaking hard.

What I learned is, that during these times we have a choice- often it doesn't feel as if we do.....but we always do.

We can allow the tragedy and trauma to swallow us up whole, or we can choose to take our stand and Start a Freaking rebellion.

Even though I was experiencing deep grief from the loss of so many things, my marriage, my home, my way of life, friendships, a community , and discovering huge financial debt -

I chose to get up again, put on my best RED lipstick (because every girl needs her Best Red in times like this) and put on this shirt. Yep. It says JOY..... JOY is my Rebellion.

To be honest I was NOT feeling JOY- not at all, BUT I chose to wear JOY as my banner- as My rebellion from what could have and who wanted to take me out and swallow me up.

I decided that I would NOT let my wounds or Trauma ("capitol T") have the final say. I decided not to allow anyone else to write another chapter in my story. I want JOY to be my rebellion, when others wanted to take me out, I decided to Start my own rebellion.

So Sis, Let's start a Rebellion- Let JOY be YOUR Rebellion too.

You are loved, and YOU are Fierce!

IN JOY...& Rebellion,


Psssst! Hey Sis- we've got something coming up! A Master Class! Stay tuned!

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