Learning To Dream Again

Dear sister,

Do you ever put off your dreams, your goals, and things you'd really love to do, for fear of taking away from someone else's dreams or goals?

Have you ever believed that your dreams were only meant to keep to yourself, or too small, unworthy... not important enough? I lived my entire life pushing down my ideas, my dreams and my goals because I was taught to be quiet- be nice- be small- obey all the rules. And if I didn't then i was bad, or not nice, and the disapproval would come. There was no room for mistakes, and the message seemed that if you couldn't be perfect, or do things perfectly, then you were not loved. I was taught to move out of the way and allow everyone else to go before me. What that really said to me, (and the lie I believed) was that I didn't matter enough to have dreams. That I was only allowed left overs, not firsts. That crumbs, not dreams, were what I deserved.

Sis- nowhere does it say that you should ever give up on your dreams because it won't allow for another's. That's a lie!! There is space for ALL the dreams. And I firmly believe that we wouldn't have been given a dream if we weren't meant to work toward it and bring it to life. Dreams are meant for each of us...however big or small...however ordinary or extraordinary. We all have dreams, and we all have a right to them. You have a right to your!

If you've been in relationships that did not allow for your dreams, did not encourage you to dream- if you've believed the lie that your dreams would get in the way of another's...then it's time to wake up those big beautiful dreams of yours. What are your dreams in this one beautiful life? Let's wake them up...because there is room for every single one of them!!!

We'd love to hear your dreams! Add them in the comments or dm us. Each one deserves to be heard, worked toward, and celebrated.

Here's to dreaming BIG Sister!!!



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