Learning to Fly and Other Miraculous Happenings

Updated: May 20, 2019

Seems all this week the photos on social media have ALL been of mamas with their little pre-schoolers, or high school & college graduates...all smiles and caps and gowns. All celebrating and congratulating.

But what if you are a mama like me that has experienced some heartache with your children? Has the road been rough? The climb difficult or painful?

I see you. I am holding space for your dreams for those babies of yours.

Mothering is hard, and teaching our babies to fly is such an amazing, challenging, tear inducing walk- right?!

The thing I've learned as a single mom of two young men is this....

their journey is THEIR journey, & not mine.

As a mom I wanted to protect and shelter them from ALL the damaging things.....ALL of it. Thing is, when I do that I'm not teaching them how to be resilient, or how to build up their courage to navigate this world...how to fail AND get back up, or how to use their very own wings.

What can we do then as we are looking on, and waiting?

Here's what I do and continue to do....I pray. I wait. I show up. I encourage and cheer on when there's victory, and I keep doing my own personal soul work.

I have learned a LOT in the last 23 years of motherhood....and more in the last 3 yrs as a single mom...It never serves us well when we are hard on others because they haven't reached our expectations....that's our work to do...what will serve us is healing. When we choose to take a look at ourselves and ask- what is it that might be my stuff in this certain hard situation?

Doing my own Soul Work, along with sound counseling from a licensed provider , a recovery program such as Celebrate Recovery or a 12 Step program that focuses on healing our hurts, habits and hangups is what has helped me on my motherhood journey. I need to do my work on healing my hurts & traumas of life so that my children can see & experience what healed people say and do....and they can see me truly learn to use my very own wings.

The journey can be so hard when we're watching our children struggle and face challenging circumstances. And we have a choice to make when they're navigating these roads....Mamas, let's do our work, so that our babies can have healthy & healed examples of a parent, and examples of how to use those beautiful outstretched wings.

Here's to healing & learning to soar with the eagles.

Big Love, Shannon ( and my two sons)

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