Lessons from a Pandemic

Never saw this coming and I am not sure why- maybe it's because we all just go about our business, working, and doing, constantly in motion and never stopping until, well, we have to.

This is the first time many of us have even paused. That we have been "forced" to stop.

Let's think about that for a moment- forced to stop.#Stayhome

I can feel the anxiety out there, and how so many are feeling so out of control that their instinct is to actually control- whatever they can - or perceive to control - like hoarding the TP? Or weaving in and out of traffic so frazzled that it creates an unsafe situation.

Thing is, what so many are actually feeling is ALL THE THINGS THEY HAVE IGNORED.

Yep- when we pause long enough those pushed down things bubble back up- you see if we didn't deal with those feelings, traumas, experiences then.....we will eventually have to deal with them.

I"m seeing people grieve a loss in a very different way than that loss was grieved initially. I am seeing other "controlling" behaviors pop up where they always have been, but ramped up so that those behaviors are now illogical.

Maybe this blip of time that we have right this minute, this day, this week, and maybe this month- will have so many blessings and healing experiences in it that we will actually look back upon it- with a different set of eyes, and not focusing on what we missed, but what we gained instead.

We ARE gaining healing by processing that loss, or trauma.

We ARE gaining extra time with our senior in high school- and now have created beautiful family memories (by being at home, together) that will be etched in our minds for our lifetimes.

We will collectively experience something hard, that I hope will create more courage, and an even more connected world and human race.

We see and experience beauty and blessing through virtual college classes, through photos of rainbows that we now look at and appreciate through new eyes.

We listen to the Italians singing from their balconies to encourage each other, and we see the parades of teachers driving through their students' neighborhoods- reaching out through windows and honking "I love you's."

The beauty and victory of a 90+ woman recovering and surviving.

We learn new things, because we have to. We learn to adapt.

We learn to be uncomfortable.

We draw up courage when we answer our children's' questions.

We decide to live in the moment because we discover we've never had control of the future.

Sister, this is a historical event. This is a world wide event. Yes, there is great loss, and great suffering. And great difficulty. And when there is great suffering there is also great courage.

Let's exercise our courage, and get more comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Let's learn to sit still, to do our work of healing, to offer grace, calm, and prayers of healing to our entire world. Because in the end, we only have each other.

Big Love, and Big healing,


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