Let's be Unpopular Together!

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Hey there Sister, Wow it has been an interesting week for us. Lots of information out there and uncertainty.

Here's the beauty in all of it though. We are learning just how small our world is. We are learning that sometimes there is forced "being still."

The challenge is, to respond to this or react. Both are choices with very different consequences. Right? I have been watching the news, seeing reports of crazy TP hoarding, you too? This is an example of reacting. Let's be unpopular sis! Frankly, we have already navigated that right? So we are ready for this.

I say we choose to Respond, instead of react. Both feel very different if we take notice of each word as we say them.....



If we choose to respond, there is room to pivot, to ebb and flow, to roll with it, to be curious, to learn. Take a moment to see this beautiful ebb and flow in beautiful Siena Italy . I think we can all take a little lesson away from this....THIS is responding to a situation. What a beautiful offering of community as the people of Siena lean from there windows to sing together. Together, in a lockdown situation. They ARE a community, just as we are. Let's choose to offer peace, calm, to share a song, to offer care, listen to our people and to be open to a forced "being still."

the things that are also contagious are this:






So let's support each other. Let's be good to each other. Let's help each other by staying positive, we can have uncertainty, AND decide to not let fear have our thoughts.

Sandi & I are here. WE are so very thankful for our Online Sisterhood Tribe here at Soul Chicks and we strongly feel that this is where we can show up real. It's a safe place where we can gather together, share our stories, encourage each other to live true, to step out from behind our masks, and reveal all of ourselves- beautiful, and imperfect, and real.

We are so excited to offer our next course, It is really created for such a time as this!

It is all about focusing on truth, and staying on course in chaos...seems like our world is a bit chaotic right now. Are you needing some New tools for navigating? Need to refresh those tools you learned back at camp with us? Whether you are alumni from our Camps, retreats, workshops, or brand new to our tribe, this course will offer community, sisterhood, take away tools for navigating these uncertain times, and love. Learn more here.

In addition to our New Course Our Free pdf - Navigating Uncertainty- Journal Prompts for Reframing and Responding to Change.

Change is the only constant. And with our lives, especially now, we know that difficult times do come. However, we have a beautiful choice when they do. We choose to equip ourselves to navigate the difficult. The goal is to help you regulate your overwhelm, and ease you back into emotional balance. Our hope is these journal prompts will help you process your emotions, and what you are experiencing during times of uncertainty.

Stay tuned for more to come about our next course- arriving in your inbox very soon!

And Check out our IG stories this week for check ins, support and LOVE.

Registration will open soon for our next course- so stay tuned, and know that we love you.

Big Love,

Shannon & Sandi

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