More than Bread Crumbs

No one can survive on crumbs alone.....and other lessons I've learned healing from my heartache.

Here's what I have learned as I have navigated my way back to myself through healing from the trauma of betrayal, infidelity, and divorce.

I was never meant to survive on bread crumbs....and neither are you.


I've had the chance in my healing journey to really inventory each relationship that I have had in my life. I have noticed patterns, and behaviors that I once participated in, and felt that I was "fed" from. It was not a healthy way of living, and I am thankful that I have embarked on my unique healing journey.

Crumbs were what I thought I was suppose to have. What I thought I deserved.

Never the firsts, never the best, never the good stuff. I was taught lessons of "day old" , seconds, and the like through life experiences from others that were doing the best they could with the tools that they had. I learned from them, and came to believe that this was true for me too. That day old was good enough. That crumbs were enough. And that I would be able to live on them. I believed that too, but here's what I have learned since.

Sister, we are worthy of the BEST.!!


You and I were created for more than just the left over crumbs. Let it soak in....NEVER, ever should we settle, or give up our right for the BEST. I want you to truly believe that you are worthy of ALL things good.

All things beautiful.

All things lovely.

All things Loving.

All the Love.

Beautiful & fulfilling relationships.

All the care.

All things that make a beautiful life.

You and I are worthy of all of this. It is already ours, the key is to believe this significant truth about ourselves.

So, how did I get out of the patterns of "crumbs" and deciding I needed more?

It was a gut feeling. I could feel in my gut that I was only surviving on what was being

"thrown my way" in terms of my marriage relationship. My reality was that I was married to someone that was unable to share. I was living a life where It was my job to constantly compromise, bend this way, bend that way, and making excuses for behavior that was not aligned with my values or beliefs. It was a slow brutal death. AND I finally knew, as the result of choices of another, that I was worth MORE. It took deep pain, deep heartbreak to wake me up. It is something that I would NEVER wish upon anyone, however, for me it was the thing that truly saved my soul and taught me that what I was experiencing was NOT what was ever intended for me.

Sister, you and I were made for GREATNESS. We have been created for beautiful AND noble things. We have a mission to accomplish here, and if we are to accomplish this unique and noble mission- how can we ever do that on bread crumbs? Sister, YOU and I already HAVE seats AT the table & it's the BEST table in the house! Let's sit together. Let's eat and experience the BEST and let's get to work!



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xo, Big Love,

Sandi & Shannon

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