My Sacred Vow

The most important promise I can ever make is to myself.

Yep- Shannon here, and this is one of the most impactful lessons I have learned for myself. With the start of this new year, it is my Greatest intention, to keep this promise to myself.

What about you? Would you be willing to make your sacred vow this year to yourself?

This year, unlike any year before, I am writing vows to myself.

Dear Beautiful Shannon,

It is my greatest intention from now forward, to hold you sacred, to honor you and your values, your character and your gifts.

I vow to honor myself for richer or poorer- no matter what my job is, or what I have or don't have.

I vow to love myself and to stay with myself, and stand up for myself and my values when I am being dishonored or attacked by my enemies.

I vow to receive help when I need support, and when help shows up. I vow to not act like a superhero.

I vow to look into the eyes of others, disregarding their outfit and looks, but to look into their soul.

I vow to speak to myself kindly, to value my own gifts and to live in my greatest possibility.

I vow to remember that my worth is not tied to striving, or a certain thing- but that I am already worthy of all that I desire.

I vow to remain faithful to my values and speak my voice when they are being hushed.

I vow to forgive myself when I make mistakes. I vow to listen to my gut when it speaks to me.

I vow this for myself, my sacred, beautiful soul.

I am choosing to do this beautiful & sacred exercise for my own personal growth, and for my own self care, as I am learning to love myself best. My hope is that you would consider writing your own sacred vows too. I have learned that loving myself well requires me to no longer betray myself- but to keep the promises I do make sacred.

Here's to keeping the most important promises.



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