Navigating a Difficult Home Life During Quarantine

Hey there Sister,

I see you.

I see you trying your hardest every moment of the day and night to try to get along, to be safe, to provide for every need, or demand. Sister, I want you to know that YOU matter too. YOU matter, YOUR needs matter and so do your values, your integrity and your emotional health. There IS relief for you within your four walls, even though it seems like right now it's so very hard and difficult and maybe even impossible.

Sister, living with a difficult person is freaking HARD.

Difficult people can create chaos, because they choose to- period. Here's where you get to choose. You can continue to punch that crazy train ticket and jump on the train, OR you can watch that train go right on by. When we choose to not participate in chaos, THERE IS FREEDOM & Peace.

This is the time for boundaries. It is time to protect our most sacred parts- our values, our faith, our truth and our soul. We have the opportunity to set up some boundaries and continue to love the people under our roof. Boundaries are a way to love ourselves best, and love those around us better- even if there is chaos. Even when things are hard.

Boundaries begin when we choose who is allowed into our most sacred parts, who gets to know our thoughts, dreams and victories. It is 1,000,000% ok to screen who gets to meet you in those places-

Think of it this way- those that get a front row seat are the ones that have already proven themselves by having cheered the loudest for you when celebrating, or those that come along side you, and cover your weaknesses with empathy, not shame. The people that protect your dreams and celebrate them, not make fun of, laugh at, or degrade any parts of you. Sister, sometimes we are called to celebrate our victories solo- and guess what- they are STILL Victories.

Boundaries make it clear to others, how we want to be loved, respected and cared for.

It shows others in our lives what we are willing to agree with, align ourselves with, and what we are not. Boundaries allow us to remember our non-negotiable's- even when we are under the same roof.

Sister, it's time to choose to stay with ourself. It's time to remain in our integrity- it's time to be our own hero and choose to save ourselves from anything or anyone that wants to harm us- sister, there is no longer a reason to justify abuse. There is no longer a reason to tolerate horrible behavior, dishonorable behavior. YOU are worth More. And it begins right here by you choosing you, right now.

If you are seeking more peace, and a way to discover your resilience and strength, we want to invite you to l earn how. We look forward to preparing a place of care, and love and belonging just for you. Our course, The Master Class , we will learn steps to finding that peace along the way, even when things are uncertain. And sister, we want you to find your peace, your resilience and your strength and to be your own hero.


You are loved,

Shannon & Sandi

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