Peace, Love & Boundaries

The Holidays are in full swing, and with the holidays comes a whole lott'a stuff. Right?!

I'm loving the beauty, the cold weather, the music....and remembering that I do have beautiful opportunities here too. So sis, if you are in the swirling, whirling place and just wanna have a peaceful, love-filled holiday, but don't even know where to start.....I'm sharing a few things Sandi & I have learned.

Get ready, here's our short list of Holiday strategies for Peace, Love & Boundaries.

*Peace - Go Where the Peace is. Yep, the truth is, peace isn't only on some mountain top somewhere, or tropical island. What I've learned is that I can find peace right now, right where I am. The secret is choosing it. It's choosing calm when crazy swirls. It's choosing to visualize being in the "EYE of the storm" where it's calm & so peaceful. I've learned that when arguments begin, or someone tries to bait an argument, I choose to stay WITH myself. I remember that I can choose the calm, I can choose to not engage. I've learned that I do not need to defend my choices, my actions or my life to anyone else. I have learned that I am not for everyone, AND that is Ok.

*Love - Love well. What I've learned is that this is an inside job. And love begins with me loving me.

No one else is responsible for making me feel worthy of love, and that's good news because that means I'm the one who holds the power to make me feel loved....regardless of what else is happening around me, or who may or may not be loving me back. I can love me.'s a beautiful bonus...the more love I have for myself, the better I can love the people in my life with a love that comes from a honest, pure, & healthy place. I've learned that by starting with loving me first, I am actually adding more love to the world. And Sister...the world sure needs more love.

*Boundaries - Boundaries are so important, period. They have been a total game/life changer for me- one of THE MOST IMPORTANT lessons I've learned. What I've learned is that boundaries are NOT mean, or disrespectful. They are actually filled with respect, love & honor. I have learned that boundaries are created to show/teach others how to have a beautiful relationship with you. What I learned is that I needed boundaries to protect myself & my well being. I learned that by creating them, that I was really giving myself guidelines for who, and what gets a ticket into my life. And Sis, I SO SO SO encourage you to create boundaries in your life too. Boundaries have taught me who to choose to share the GREAT things with & who I should not. Boundaries have helped me clarify what I REALLY want. They have helped me choose peace, when there could be panic. Boundaries have taught me that I GET TO choose me every time. That my job is NOT to make others MORE comfortable, but to choose my needs first- Holy Bat Girl! YEP! That was new for me! AND it's TRUE! We have to take care of ourselves FIRST- OUR needs First- my roof First...

I used to believe the lie that I HAD to put EVERYONE ELSE FIRST- all their dreams, needs, wants....the list goes on....UNTIL I learned that the golden rule others, as YOU Would Love YOURSELF. WHAAAAAAT?! I was missing that 2nd part my whole life! Finally, I realized that I can be the best me, to me & others, if I'm choosing to love me.period...and that means having boundaries.

So Sister, As we all navigate the next few days, and begin to reflect on a new year ahead, our

So Sister, as you navigate the next few days and begin to reflect on a new year ahead, our Soul Chicks wish for you is this ...

> That you will remember to choose to go where the peace is. > That you will choose to love yourself well & that your love will radiate out from you. > That boundaries that will help you live in Truth, Gratitude, Light & Love, always.

And if you've stayed with us, and read up to this point, Thank you Thank you Thank you for being part of our beautiful tribe. We love you, honor you, and are cheering you on each day!



Shannon & Sandi

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