Soul Sister Shenanigans

Hey there!

Shannon here and guess what?! So is Sandi!

Since moving to Idaho 10 months ago, Sandi & I don't get a whole lot of face to face time- SO she came here! YAY!

Coffee is always on the agenda!!

It's so important to schedule time to connect with your people in the SAME room! Right?!

We've talked for a nonstop 72 hours, lol...virtually sucking ALL the air from the room.

Sandi's inner valley girl is dig'n the Idaho snow.

We want to encourage you to spend some quality time with your tribe- with your trustworthy, safe, loving sisters. Sandi & I have come to realize this is so important.

So - in bringing you along on this weekend- here are a few photos of our sisterhood shenanigans.....Big Love!

Treasure hunting at the Antiques Barn.

Uhhh....can you say moon people? (wink wink)

Our fancy studio for shooting videos. It's where the magic happens...LOL