Staying Inspired

It's a winter day in Idaho. White/grey skies most days. Forecast is snow this week with clouds and rain. Since I've moved here, I find this month the hardest for me. I'm wanting to have the sunshine warm up the house and the rays peep through the windows greeting me in the morning. So, I'm finding that I'm needing a different kind of inspiration today.

The inspiration of adventure. This may not come as a surprise to you, I love adventure- road trips, camping, the mountains and seeing new landscapes. It's part of who I am. I have found that I do in fact need inspiration from outside myself to motivate me to reach beyond myself towards a new goal, or a new adventure.

So Where do we find inspiration?

Most often I find inspiration in quotes I read, but over the past few days (I've been down with a awful cold / flu ) I'm finding inspiration on youtube....yep, youtube. I have come across numerous interesting, documentary / life type videos of people living in such interesting ways- on the ocean in a catamaran. Yes! It's been a huge inspiration for me- I have NO desire to ever live this way- as I get pretty sea sick- however I admire their will and their ease and outlook on life. It's quite noble I think.

It's like that, inspiration. Inspired to look at life in a new way, through a new lens. To look at the world from a new perspective - instead of through our circumstances.

So I want to inspire you, to look beyond what is facing you today - look beyond that and outside of yourself. You may just be surprised at what you find, what you learn, and what may become a beautiful possibility for you and your life.

Stay inspired,



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