Taking Our Little Girls Out To Play - (Our Texas Roadtrip Part I )

"The opposite of PLAY is not work, the opposite of play is depression." -Brene Brown

Sister - sometimes you just have to stop and PLAY…and for no other reason than the pure delight of it. Not to earn a gold star, complete a “to do”, impress or prove or accomplish a damn thing….but just because it fills your heart, and delights the little girl in you.

That’s exactly what Shannon and I did this week. We headed to Texas and took our inner little girls out to play!! Cuz here’s what we’ve learned…that little 8 year old girl we once were never leaves us. We don't loose her, we just add years of life on top of her. She will always be a part of us, and she still needs to be cared for. And here's the thing...YOU get to parent her NOW. Yep- in fact it's actually your job now... to love & nourish her and give her all the things she needs, even the things- especially the things, she never got. Because it’s never too late to celebrate her, to heal her hurts, and to let her light shine!!

Maybe you’re little girl never got to be silly and loud and make squishy faces….guess what – you can let her do that now. We let our freak flag fly all over town, - just look at the joy on that squishy face as Shannon hugged on our beautiful friend @tara royer steele.

Maybe she longed to be told how special she was and what a good job she was doing for trying so hard? You get to tell her that now- celebrate her…take her out for pie. That’s exactly what we did. (#royerspiehaven. …ohhhh the blueberry lemon and the junk berry pie …life giving goodness right there!!!)

Maybe your little girl was too afraid to take risks, or break a few rules? It’s not too late…let her jump on that bed….oh heck yeah – don’t you know that’s what we did. And it was a blast!! (except after birthing two babies each, there might have been a few leaks happening...just keep'n it real Sis.)

Maybe your little girl was made to feel that she wasn’t deserving of beautiful things? Oh heck with that - take her shopping. Yep…we did. First stop was antiquing in Round Top, then we swooped up two more of our Sister-Chicks and took ourselves to the Magnolia Silos in Waco. We laughed, shopped, ooh’d and awe’d at all the pretty things, and even bought ourselves a few, just because we could.

Maybe your little girl was told she had to be what others wanted her to be to fit in…but guess what Sis…fitting in is the imposture to belonging, and belonging is what we are made for. And you know what - you can choose belonging over fit