The Courage to Release

What if you found yourself in a place where you were forced to release what had become your life?

What if you had to release what was most precious? That you had promised to hold?

Sister, so often we find ourselves in a place where releasing is the only way.

I have walked a few years now in this releasing season.

I could no longer hold on to what was once mine. I have had to release relationships, friendships, family, possessions, truly sacred things.

Have you ever been here?

It is a season of stripping away "things" that may have once served us, or that we once held in such high regard. It could be what we treasured greatly.....and we had to release it, in order to move forward, or maybe even to survive.

What I can share with you dear sister, is that this season of "RELEASE" is hard. It is a season of grief and letting what once was, move on in a different direction.

Sister, here's the good news, this season is temporary. Same as all seasons. They arrive, and they go away. But each one is here to teach us. If you are in this season of release, as I still find myself in, please know this....

releasing what we have held dear takes great courage. Often more than we believe we posses. The lesson is right between the holding in the palm of your hand .....and the letting go....right there, even in the grief, you will discover a new way. A new thing. A new life. It may not be one you pictured yourself in, but oh sweet sister, ....there are miracles here too. Keep watching for them, notice the little ones, and the big ones....write them down in your journal to give them witness. You will find happiness again, because one of the miracles is that happiness will find you.

Keep looking for those miracles, because they are all around you.

Sending you love, and care and courage,



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