The Transformation of Us during COVID-19

Hey there Sis, how have you been doing? What are you feeling? What are you doing and how are you navigating all the things? I've been thinking of you and me, and today, this is what came to me. I want to share it with you, because, well...

What if?

What if while we are here we chose to look at being INSIDE our homes as an opportunity for TRANSFORMATION?

What if?

What if we chose to use this unprecedented time to rest?

To "BE" instead of "DO."

What if?

What if we chose to look at this massive change in our lives- this "Before" and "After" as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves? To begin again? To start over?

To hit the "re-boot" to see the opportunity?

What if this time at home, this time of Physical distancing was used as a way to transform us, to create a metamorphosis of ourselves, our lives, our ways, our values?

And what if through ALL of the transformation, we reappear completely changed?

Completely new? Completely developed into another form? A more beautiful version of ourselves?

What if?



ps - Do you need help getting through all of this change? We have gathered all kinds of resources for you- info, lessons, books, resources that have helped Sandi and I navigate through our unique challenges- just like those you may have right now. So Sis- jump over to where we call HOME, or check out our resources page, or our courses and workshops, our free resources . We are right here, walking along side you through this uncertain and "weird" time. With you, apart. We are here.

xo Shannon & Sandi

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