Turn Your Kryptonite Into Your Superpower!!

Did you know that without Kryptonite, Superman would just be a dude who’s a crap ton stronger than anyone else? Think about it…being “faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound” doesn’t require much courage when you’re living among humans and you have superhuman strength. But when Kryptonite has the ability to take that strength away at any given moment and you STILL show up to jump in front of the speeding bullet….now we’re talking SUPERPOWERS.

Good for Superman, but what’s that got to do with me you ask? It’s this…just like Superman, your weaknesses are simply your superpowers on Kryptonite. And why does knowing that matter? Because if you’re like me, you want to be the best version of yourself that you can be. But so often that means we end up wanting to disown, hide, and even surgically remove the “weak” parts of our self. The parts that leave us feeling a bit ashamed, like “what’s wrong with me”. The parts that, no matter how hard we’ve worked to become a “better me”, they seem to keep showing up.

I used to think that way. But what I didn’t realize then, and maybe you don’t now, is that our whole self IS our best self. And that without our weakness we wouldn’t have our superpowers. You see, they are both simply the opposite ends of the same spectrum. Our superpowers become our weaknesses when we go to a place where we have lost our personal power. When we feel powerless, weak, depleted, and vulnerable those same parts of our self can go from superpower to weakness. Conversely, when we are healthy and standing in our personal power, that same aspect of our self becomes our superpower. Sister, that means we need ALL parts of our self to be our BEST self.

"Our superpowers become our weaknesses when we go to a place where we have lost our personal power."

For example, one of my superpowers is the ability to go deep, to see the deeper truths and meaning in situations and experiences. I’ve always been this way. While the other students were practicing their multiplication tables, I was the little girl with her head in the clouds, day dreaming about bigger truths. It’s just a natural part of me. And when I am standing in my power, that part of me looks like the ability to excavate the depths of people and situation to find the deeper insight and wisdom hiding there. However, when Kryptonite steals my power, that same part of me looks very different. It looks like being scared of uncertainty, and clinging to the need for answers. It looks like needing to control what I can’t nail down, and hustling to look like I’m holding it all together. It’s not pretty and not a part of me I am proud of.

Before I learned that these two behaviors were one and the same part of myself, I thought it was my job to get rid of my weak part. To repress it, remove it, get it the heck out of there. But now I understand how much I need that part of myself, because it’s the same part that holds my superpower. And now I know that my real job is to simply recognize when I’m in my weakness and look for the Kryptonite. That is to say, to look for what it is that’s stealing my personal power and sending me into my weakness. Am I hungry, tired…are my values being stepped on, or my boundaries being walked over? Am I hooked by an old outdated limiting belief, am I telling myself a lie? Am I afraid or overwhelmed? Once I know what Kryptonite is stealing my power, I simply need to take the next right step to recover it. Once I do…bam, I’m back in my superpower.

"Once I know what Kryptonite is stealing my power, I simply need to take the next right step to recover it."

Does this feel true for you too? No worries Sister, Kryptonite ain’t no thing when you know how to deal with it. Here’s some tips and tricks to help bring awareness and identify your personal Kryptonite so you can find your way back to your superpowers.

Find some quite time and sit down with pen and paper. Make two columns…at the top of the left column write,”Superpower”, and in the right column, “Weakness”. First, write out your Superpowers, the parts of yourself you already love and appreciate….that you know are a natural gift, that others probably appreciate about you as well. The parts that have always been there. Maybe it’s your ability to love fiercely, to stay calm, to bring sparkle and fun, to dream, create, or see things logically. To be a peace maker, to connect with others, or to find solutions. Whatever it is. Write it down in the superpower column. Next….think about how that same aspect of you shows up when you feel small, powerless, scared, weak, or depleted. Write that down in the corresponding weakness column. You should have at least 2 or 3 superpowers and corresponding weaknesses.

Once you’ve gone through and written down your superpowers and weaknesses, take out a second sheet of paper. At the top write “My Kryptonite”. Here’s where you will identify what sends you into powerlessness. It’s anything that depletes your sense of personal power or energy. The things that make you feel vulnerable or afraid. For example, disappointing others is like Kryptonite to me. It sends the little girl in me to a place of feeling like I won’t be loved, which completely strips me of any sense of personal power. Another example is being hungry. It depletes my energy and sends me to Hangry Town. And trust me, nothing good comes out of Hangry Town. Yours may be being tired, feeling uncertain, receiving negative feedback, having too much to get done, or dealing with finances. You’re looking for the things that, when they come along, they always send you to that unhealthy end of the spectrum. Now write these down.

This list will be your sign post. When you find yourself acting from the place of weakness, you will ask yourself….”What is my Kryptonite here? Once you’ve identified what the Kryptonite is that’s stealing your power, you can simply take action to restore it. Tired…rest, hungry…eat, overwhelmed…ask for help, feeling unlovable…remind yourself of your worth. That’s it, no needing to kick that part of yourself to the curb, no surgery to remove it…just a simple awareness and action to restore your power. How easy is that? So much nicer than surgery!

Learning this truth has given me a whole new appreciation of my “weak” parts. Now, instead of seeing aspects of myself as good or bad, strong or weak, and trying to surgically remove the weak parts…. I can love and appreciate my whole self, knowing that my weaknesses are simply my superpowers on Kryptonite. And we ALL have Kryptonite...even Superman. I also know that if I keep showing up with my whole self, I'll always find my way back to my superpowers. And that feels so much better than chopping off whole parts of myself.

Sister, I hope this helps you to consider all your pieces and parts in a whole new way, and to begin to love and accept all of you. Because your whole self really is your best self. I won't lie, it takes a bit of work, but it is a beautiful journey worth taking.

Here’s to loving yourself like a superhero!

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