Welcome Home Sister

Dear gorgeous doing the best you can Sister,

Find yourself in a space of weariness? Or feeling like you're just living life on autopilot? Wishing you had a space to just be you- authentically and real?

Sister, we know exactly how you feel and we've planned some time away just for you. We've created a space for you, the real you, to be welcomed home to yourself among our Soul Chick Sisterhood. A lovely safe space full of beauty, love, connection, and delicious healthful meals. A place to re-calibrate, restore, and rediscover yourself.

Can you remember what it felt like to be filled up? Well we have a weekend full of soul restoring beauty and guided movements for everyone and every body. Time to be still, to create, and to reconnect with your self. Time to refill your tank.

If this speaks to your heart, join us for this beautiful journey. Find out more before all the spots are gone.

>>Click here for details.

Big Love,

Shannon & Sandi


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