What's My Mantra?

Hey there Soul Sister, Shannon here. I've had a few things going on this week...besides all the to-do's, packing up, and retreat prep for our upcoming Fly Free weekend - I've had a few learnings, unlearnings, and light bulb moments.

I can only speak for myself - but with all of the unlearning I've been working on from the years of dysfunction & hard, it seems like this week was warp speed in my learning!! And I've learned one very important tool that I want to share with you...a personal MANTRA.

What's your personal mantra? This question was posed to me this week. And in learning more about it, here's what I discovered -

It's a tool for me & you to use when there is duress (ever experience some of that? Yep, me too) or hard stuff? Or a challenging relationship?. Here's the key... When I create my mantra I can draw on it to ground and anchor myself in the power of ALL that I am, all my bravery, all my courage, and all of my beautiful strong wisdom... to navigate this moment. That's it!!! So when you find yourself in a challenging (possibly triggering) situation - you can recite your Mantra (or wear it like I do).

Oh, and sister - you know that some situations require stronger more powerful language...right? So use what you need. I want to encourage you to create a personal mantra for yourself that will help you in those challenging moments. Your mantra will be different from mine because what may work for me, may not for you - ask yourself, what truth do i need to draw from? What truth do I need to stand firm in when I'm being triggered or challenged? Start here, then girl- create that Mantra!!

To get you started here are a few examples: "Down Girl" - one of Sandi's favorites to keep her from dipping into "fixing all the things" mode. "Gentle Spirit Badass Woman" ...this is what has been working for me. This one helps me to stand firm and walk tall, in one of my favorite Brene Brown quotes - "Strong back, soft front, wild heart." It helps me visualize how truly strong I am - dressed in all of my wisdom, and my soft gentle spirit, with my wildly creative heart.

So go to your journal right now and create your personal mantra - then practice saying it out loud. Visualize yourself in that warrior pose - standing strong in ALL of your divine and infinite wisdom - with your Mantra flying on that flag that you're holding above your head. Own it. Stand in the power of it, and carry on like the Badass Warrior Woman you are!!

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