What's Saving You?

Hey Sis, have you ever been asked THIS question?

What's saving YOU?

We're asking today-

what's saving you?

There are so many things that I have found helpful, healing, and "saving," and we would LOVE to hear from you!

What is ONE thing that's saving YOU?

It can be little or BIG, free or not, simple or not.

As sisters, and here at Soul Chicks, we choose to share the Good stuff- what's helped us along the way- right? We're ALL in this together! We wanna hear about all the things that have helped you!

There will be a spot on our Instagram & fb pages where this blog pops up- and we are encouraging you to share! Tag a sister that you'd like to share ALL this goodness with! AND please comment here in the comments too!

Ya Ready? Ya have your 1 (or more) things that are saving your life right now?

We Can't wait to hear!

Pssst- One of the Biggest things that saved our lives was to get away to a women's retreat! Yep! Both Sandi & I attended a soul nourishing, life giving women's retreat!

It made such an impact on our hearts - that we now host retreats for you!

AND Registration is OPEN! Our March 2020 Daring Way TM Retreat is open!

You can find out more here.

Big Love & Sisterhood,

Shannon & Sandi

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