I Lost Friends, But Gained a Sisterhood,

Hey there, Shannon here, I'm sharing about sisterhood and how it saved my life- how it helped me see light when it was so dark, and how sisterhood held my joy for me when I couldn't.

I can't tell you how thankful I am for my small but MIGHTY sisterhood tribe.

What is a sisterhood?

You know, the women in your life that are cheering so LOUD for you when you have a victory? Sisterhood is THAT!

The ones that SHOW UP to remind you that you are STRONG, when you feel weak. The ones who sit WITH you when you are wading through all the "$^*&" IT's that too!

My sisterhood includes THOSE few women I am blessed with that have chosen to walk side by side me....even in the mess.

A little back ground for you...if you don't know my story...

My life as I knew it EXPLODED... most people I knew and considered friends ran for the hills - ever have that happen? It's incredibly hard to have those that you thought or expected to show up in a crisis ...not show up, and in fact, leave you feeling abandon and alone.

However, what I didn't see at the time, was that my life was being "edited."

It edited out the people that weren't willing or able to deal with the messiness of my pain and grief. And it edited out the superficial relationships, and unhealthy ones. Was this hard? Yep, A 1000000 %! But what I didn't know is that it was opening up space for the ones I needed most.


It was my Sisterhood that navigated WITH me- side by side - hand in hand.


More than just having girlfriends...

I discovered what a sacred sisterhood was- those deep, meaningful relationships with women who ARE equipped AND willing to sit WITH you in the pain. Who are willing to be a compassionate witness to your grief. And empathetic enough to feel WITH you, AND hold your joy when you are not able. My sisterhood taught me that it was ok to ask for help, AND accept help. This sisterhood has been my healing ground, and it's shown me what healthy relationships are suppose to be and not be.

Sandi & I are passionate about creating a sacred sisterhood at each of our retreats, and within the Soul Chick Tribe. We know what it feels like to navigate hard- both with and without sisterhood. What we can tell you is that our healing could not have taken place anywhere but within a safe sisterhood. It is WITH safe people in a SAFE place that we can heal.

So Sister- if you are navigating hard stuff, seek out the women that are safe. Those who are equipped to sit with you in the mess, and those that are able to hold your joy when you cannot. You may lose a few friends along the way, but beautiful... you might just gain a sisterhood.

Sending Love, light and sweet sisterhood vibes your way.



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