What is a Soul Goal?

Have you ever looked back at a year and thought Where did it go? 


Have you ever wondered how exactly can I & HOW do I show up for myself and my people well?

Soul Goals is all about "Being" & "Doing." 

Whatttt? yes, really.  Here at Soul Chicks, Shannon & Sandi have found a formula for choosing how we show up for ourselves & those we love better!  

They have created a set of steps for you that is more aligned with your values, your truth & your growth! 

What it's NOT is another "to do" list full of "should's", or a set of gold starts you have to chase to earn your worth.

No thank you please!

Soul Goals are different, they're the "Being" part of how we want to feel. When we set our intentions about how we want to feel in each area of our lives, we set the stage for healthier patterns, relationships, and for making an impact. 


By "doing" or setting goals, our action steps allow us momentum & help us accomplish what we set out to do.  

Soul Goals is your personal soul restoring road map. 


Are you ready to  show up exactly how you were created to?


Are you ready to accomplish those dreams of yours?


Are you ready to create your road map for showing up for yourself? 


Join us!


Step by step "how to" in a conversational,  digital class with The Soul Chicks, Sandi & Shannon.  Watch each video at your convenience. 

A downloadable personal road map.  All the Steps & We will walk you through it all!





Register here, and receive your instant link (with completed paypal payment, link is in confirmation email) to download your map & your video class.

View right from your cozy home- even in your pjs! 

All you need is yourself, an open heart, a willingness to listen to your inner knowing & a pen!

We can't wait to celebrate your growth with you!

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