Soul Chick (noun)
1. A woman with HEART and SOUL, who lives from a deeper place of authenticity and worth
2.  A woman that embraces life with tender badassery, knowing that life is both beautiful and brutal
yet she dares to SHOW-UP, LOVE BIG and LIVE TRUE anyway 
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Certified Soul Restoration Instructors

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What is Soul Chicks

Hi Sister, we are so glad you want to know more. You’re going to love this…it’s such good stuff.

Soul Chicks is a place for women who want to LIVE DEEPER, TRUER, BRAVER and more AUTHENTICALLY to come and be fed. A place to walk alongside other sister-souls on the same wild beautiful journey in an environment of big life changing love and fun. Where it is safe to show-up and be seen…no hustle, no masks. A place to learn, to grow and to restore….to let go of what doesn’t serve you and gain tools that will help you live big, free, brave and true within your own life…your one big beautiful life!! Now isn’t that awesome?

As a Certified Soul Restoration Instructor (Soul Restoration is a Brave Girls Club course by Melody Ross), we do this using the tools and traditions of Brave Girl’s Soul Restoration; the exact same incredibly awesome curriculum taught at Brave Girls Club. We offer amazing life affirming, soul restoring experiences for women through camps, classes and retreats. We told you this is good stuff…go check it out.

Soul Work Sisterhood = Soul Restoring fun for women


"Girl Gets Wings"


"Girl Gets Wings" Soul Restoration Retreat

An extraordinary all-inclusive life changing experience of soul restoring fun and big beautiful soul sister love. You get to experience the  Soul Restoration curriculum ( by Melody Ross)  in a safe loving circle of sisterhood; all designed for you to CLAIM YOUR WINGS and FLY into the rest of your life.

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Soul Restoration Camp
2023 Dates TBA


Sold Out

Private Groups

Bring soul restoring fun and sisterhood to your tribe with a private gathering. Learn, grow and create while fostering deep meaningful connections with your own sister squad.  

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"The Soul Series" Soul Classes are amazing little nuggets of goodness taken from Soul Restoration by Author Melody Ross. This curriculum is taught in  single day classes and mini-retreats.

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